Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy birthday!!

 Hello everyone! today is a very special day, it would be my beautiful Grandmas birthday<3 And also it is Kate Moss birthday... My grandmother was and is my true love, i will always love her unconditionally and strongly. This is something very emotional for me but, my grandma always taught me to be strong no matter what and to not break down and cry even if i feel the need to sometimes, but i never do that in public. One of the reasons i made this blog is to have somewhere to be myself and to filter my thoughts, since i moved to Mexico not a lot of people have the same ideas or opinions as me. It's kind of hard being here, especially being too open about your thoughts because people judge you immediately and harshly, even without knowing you. I hope everyone has a very great day and i send my grandmother a HUGE kiss and hug all the way to where she is <3

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