Friday, June 19, 2015

Les femmes

Being a female is not always easy, it's pretty difficult if you ask me. I love being a female but there are times that i think, why does it have to be so hard? Everyone has pretty high standards about females, from the way they act to the way they dress and even their makeup. It's pretty frustrating that society has never told boys that they look bad without makeup, or that they need to dress differently. Why don't people have the same standards for men as women, why doesn't anyone say anything to a man for being sloppy or if they say something they will simply be ignored, or is it that women should be like that too? Should we be careless? We'd be criticized anyways. I think men are intimidated by strong and powerful women, maybe they just want to lower our self esteem to make us feel weak. Something that really bothers me is that women are always sexualized no matter what, it's really horrible. We should be able to wear a mini skirt or really short shorts in the summer because it is sooo hot and not have men staring at us with a perverted look on their face when we walk by. This is not our problem, we are not throwing ourselves in to danger we just want to wear what we want period. Some people say we are provoking rape but that's just not it, it was hot outside so i wanted to wear something short to keep me cool! It's pretty scary that just for being a female so many things could happen, i'm not saying it should happen to men but i think it's a matter of no equality. There is a case here in mexico about a beauty pageant queen that was taken hostage in to a band of drug dealers just because of her skinny figure and pretty face, they used her to pass money around her tiny waist. It's really sad that those kind of things happen, but it's our reality, the world we are living in right now. Here is an example of the high standards that people have for women. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sizzling Styles

I really love hot weather, but these days it has been sizzling hot! On very warm or hot days do you really want to straighten or curl your hair just so you can end up sweating and putting it up in to a big sweaty bun? NO! Summer is the best time to let your natural hair flow, that way you can just pick it up and let it back down any time! I have reaaaaally long and reaaaaaally thick hair, in the summer i just want it out of my way. You don't have to wear an ugly bun, there are a lot of different up-do's that you can easily recreate, in very little time! These are some of the up-do's I've been wearing recently, you can wear them anytime! From going to the pool to going to the mall or eating out...

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kendall Jenner summer

Once again i'm talking about my fashion icon, Kendall! I love her style so much, she's always had a great sense of fashion. Kylie Jenner also has great style, but i think i can relate more to Kendall's. This warm almost summer season, she has been using all of this seasons trends the PERFECT way! crop tops, gladiator sandals, denim, short shorts and slits. Her style is the perfect definition of MOD (model off duty). She shares this style with her high-profile besties such as Cara Delevigne, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. Here are some of her recent outfits...

Una vez más estoy hablando de mi icono de la moda, Kendall! Me encanta su estilo tanto, ella siempre ha tenido un gran sentido de la moda. Kylie Jenner también tiene un gran estilo, pero creo que me puedo relacionar más a Kendall. En este clima de casi verano, ha estado usando todas estas las tendencias de la manera PERFECTA! blusas, sandalias de gladiador, de mezclilla, shorts cortos y aberturas. Su estilo es la definición perfecta de MOD (modelo fuera de servicio). Ella comparte este estilo con sus mejores amigas de alto perfil, tales como Cara Delevigne, Gigi Hadid y Hailey Baldwin. Estos son algunas de sus recientes outfits ...

Crop tops



Short shorts

Gladiator sandals



I hope you liked this post and i'll be writing much more now that i'm on vacation!

Espero que les haya gusado este post, y estare escribiendo mucho mas ahora que estoy de vacaciones!