Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sizzling Styles

I really love hot weather, but these days it has been sizzling hot! On very warm or hot days do you really want to straighten or curl your hair just so you can end up sweating and putting it up in to a big sweaty bun? NO! Summer is the best time to let your natural hair flow, that way you can just pick it up and let it back down any time! I have reaaaaally long and reaaaaaally thick hair, in the summer i just want it out of my way. You don't have to wear an ugly bun, there are a lot of different up-do's that you can easily recreate, in very little time! These are some of the up-do's I've been wearing recently, you can wear them anytime! From going to the pool to going to the mall or eating out...

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