Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beauty and fashion standards & Korean street style

Hello! Ever since i watched my love from the stars, i have been fascinated by Korean culture and style, i love how most people dress to impress; They look as if they spent time on creating their outfit and they know their style, they resemble magazine models walking around the city. Another thing that caught my eye was their idea of beauty, most of the people (on the documentary for fashion week) i saw said that their ideal face is western style. Most of the girls have somewhat strange beauty regimens like double eyelid surgery, occasional/monthly botox, cheek implants, forehead fillers, etc... Every different place has a different idea on beauty and fashion, it would be very interesting to research and document every different one. Here in Mexico there is also a very intense view on beauty and fashion, here it's a battle of social status: " Rich people are white/blond and poor people are black/brown/dark" . That's how a lot of people see it, but not everyone. It's also depending on the country/state. Where i live most of the boys/men like big booty and big boobs, they don't really like stick thin or skinny girls. The girl/woman view is very different from that, girls prefer to be skinny and have no cellulite, sagging or other details like that from being curvy. Beauty wise, girls where i live tend to use alot of makeup for anything like school, work, going to the movies, going out to eat, etc... I personally never wear much makeup, only to parties and special events, but the rest of the time i have zero makeup. Another thing here is that girls love straight and long hair (including me). The point is that we all have a different perspective on beauty and fashion, and we should stick to our own opinions!:) Here are some of my favorite korean street style looks:


  1. Great post! Very inspiring! You are doing a great job!

    1. Thank you so much! you literally made my day <3

  2. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing!


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