Friday, January 3, 2014

New year, new me... or maybe not

Happy new year everyone! so, everyone says or at least thinks new year, new me... but how much of us really stick to it? maybe you have extreme goals like having kim kardashian's enviable body or being popular, etc... we should have some more realistic goals that we can actually complete, like these:

1. taking care of your hair: this is simple if you commit to it. go get a hair cut and chop off the most damaged hair you can. Use moisturizing and natural hair masks, like: avocado, almond oil and egg yolk for frizz. and the most important thing... keep away from heat styling tools as much as you can, when you do ude them use heat protectant.

2. eating healthier: less soda more water, less chips more fruits, less chocolate more granola/protein bars, less sweeta, less pizza... hard work pays off.

3. make more friends: join school clubs and socialize with the people in them.

4. better grades: this is easy if you study, pay attention in class, take notes, and LISTEN.

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