Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer makeup!

I'm sure that most of us girls don't like to wear too much makeup in the summer, it gets all sweaty and cakey! I think summer is a time to stop using so much foundation, powder and makeup all together, and it's best to embrace our fresh face! Just to add a pop of color and to not look so undone i recommend only a bright lipstick... It can be bright red, range, coral, pink or purple it doesn't matter as long as it pops out. For a little more color add a bit of your lipstick to your cheeks as blush! It will give you nice and natural flushed cheeks. You just apply a little and blend it in with your finger, i promise it will look great! <3

Estoy seguro de que la mayoría de nosotras chicas no les gusta usar demasiado maquillaje en el verano, se pone todo sudoroso y pasteloso! Creo que el verano es un momento para dejar de usar tanto la fundación, polvo y maquillaje todos juntos, y lo mejor es amar nuestra cara recien lavada! Sólo para añadir un toque de color y para no parecer tan deshecha recomiendo solamente un lápiz labial brillante ... Puede ser de color rojo brillante, naranja, coral, rosa o púrpura, no importa el color hace ya que resalta. Para un poco más de color añadir un poco de su lápiz labial en tus mejillas como rubor! Le dará las mejillas un tono muy bonito y natural.solo te pones un poco en la mejilla y mezcla con el dedo, te prometo que se ven muy bien! <3


  1. Those lipsticks are so pretty!
    I especially love the orange one, that's the colour I wear the most during summer! By the way I also do the lipstick-as-a-blush trick, it's so easy and it actually looks good :)


    1. i know right!? it's super easy and looks great:) you should check out my youtube channel! Thanks for stopping by at my blog <3


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